Two recent papers on quantum entanglement.
Quantum Entanglement and Thermal Reduced Density Matrices in Fermion and Spin Systems on Ladders, Xiao Chen and Eduardo Fradkin.

Scaling of Entanglement in 2+1 dimensional scale-invariant field theories, Xiao Chen, Gil Young Cho, Thomas Falkner and Eduardo Fradkin.

A useful overview of some concepts in Holographic Entanglement among other things is the talk by Matt Headrick at QFT14 at KITP

Some notes on Alexei Kitaev's talk from April 7, 2015, "A simple model of quantum holography (part 1)"

Notes from the talk on holographic entanglement entropy on April 9, 2015

A compilation of images of minimal surfaces and some other facets of holographic entanglement:

Notes from Xi Dong's talk on recent developments in holographic entanglement on April 10, 2015